10. November 2013

Cake-Pop Time!

A few days ago I was standing over 3 hours in the kitchen. It was a boring afternoon. So I decided to do some cake pops. I have done them a year ago - time to do them again.

7. November 2013

Cupcakes -

Basic colored Cakes /w Flag
Lemon & Black Forest Cherry by Wir machen Cupcakes

19. Oktober 2013


I'm really happy! I got my new iphone 4s today. I know, its not the newest version but I like it and I'm happy to have it! Now I set all my apps and looking for some new. HAHAHA I love it since I saw it first! We'll have a lot of fun! For sure!
I'm looking forward to play some new musik on it. It's such a pleasure for my ear's

Lots of love!

15. Oktober 2013


After four hours I'm done with my halloween decoration. Mostly. I bought three pumkins and searchd for nice drafts and found them in the internet. I decidet to do a witch, bat aaaand.. a castle. First I started to assign the motiv onto the pumpkin. Be careful, don't cut the 'holding' line. Thats a little bit tricky. After a lot of mini steps I finished. Herer are the pics.
Are you celebrating Halloween? Do you like it?

Lots of love!

All pictures by Withoutachallenge! All rights reserved!

14. Oktober 2013


This evening I'm starting with my self made halloween decoration. I searchd for some drafts for creepy motive's. Found three of them. Pics will follow tomorrow.. I'm at work. Check it out later / tomorrow

Lots of love!

> so funny - watch out! <
> hahahahahahhah!! <
> cant stop laugh <

Pic: Found by Google.

13. Oktober 2013

Sports - but which shoe??

The question of the questions next to 'wanna marry me?' is 'which shoe? '. The occasion's can be so different! Which high heel, sneaker, sandal, flip flop, boot or sport shoe is the best? Today I'd like to explain you the differences between sport shoe and - sport shoe. So at first we have to separate between running, indoor, outdoor, soccer, training, dance, golf, climbing, spinning and tennis. The shoes of soccer, golf, climbing, spinning and tennis are very special so I don't want to carter deeply to it. So the main categories are running, in/outdoor training and dance.

9. Oktober 2013

Need a waiter?

Hey Guy's,
its like in a exalted restaurant. Waiters. Looking so smart and sexy in there suits. And this is the new look of your nails!

This nail design is easy but needs a lot of time. First create a base with white polish. After drying use black polish for the dress coat. Primarily paint the black neckline. Be careful - dont touch!
After dehydrating create the buttons. Take care of the space. Paint a bow tie on the top. Start with a diagonal line. Make a X and conect the small corners, than fill in carefully. (Or start in the middle and paint one at a time.
Hope you like the smart waiter's.

Lots of love!